Increase Your Cash Flow While Reducing Your Operating Costs

Save 30,000 gallons of water per unit, per year. Water cost savings at current rates will pay for the cost of the program within 2 years while generating more than $50,000 in positive cash flow and $29,000 in savings each year thereafter. What's more, since Niagara Conservation products have a 10-year life guarantee, you could experience more than $290,000 in savings!

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How do I schedule an appointment to review the program with an Efficiency Advisor?

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to schedule your appointment.

What is Green City Cobb?

A water and energy conservation program brought to you by Cobb County Water System that dramatically lowers utility bills by retrofitting inefficient kitchen and bath fixtures. The program includes installation, rebate application processing and financing options so that multi-family operators can sit back, relax and enjoy the water, energy and dollar savings from this turn-key program!

You'll receive maximum water and energy savings with the Niagara Conservation UHET® Water-Saving Kit which includes: 0.8 gallon per flush Stealth toilets, adjustable chrome showerheads, and bathroom and kitchen aerators. These EPA WaterSense® labeled fixtures are installed by Georgia Licensed Green Plumbers who have been trained specifically on installing water and energy conservation products.

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How Does the Program Work?

Step 1. Once you express interest in the program by calling or emailing, an in-person meeting is scheduled between you and a qualified Efficiency Advisor (EA). The EA will provide you with more information about the program and review your property to ensure fixtures can be installed.

Step 2. EA provides you with an estimate and will review our 0% interest financing options.

Step 3. Once project is approved, EA will process all paperwork and organize installation by Green Plumbers that are licensed by the State of Georgia.

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Add Value
Instantly increase property value with high-efficient upgrades.
Lower Your Bills
Experience reduced utility bills with water and energy savings.
Green Community
Promote your new and improved "green" community.
Everyone Benefits
Residents who pay utility bills benefit too!
Green Plumbers
Keep it in Cobb! Local Georgia Licensed Green Plumbers ensure that your installation will be completed by a knowledgeable professional.
Quality Products
Reduce maintenance issues with quality performing products.
Instant Savings
Save 33% more than what you pay! With zero down & zero percent interest – your purchase is financially worry-free!
ADA Compliant
Toilets installed meet ADA height requirements.


"Our water savings shows local multi-family operators that this small change to high-efficiency fixtures can have a big impact. Most importantly, there have been no complaints to date. All of our residents are thrilled with the products and the installation."
ROBIN FRANKLIN, Property Manager at Edinborough Apartments

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Your abundant water and dollar savings will last, but this program will not! Contact us using the form below, or call 1.888.733.0197